In this interview, TMR Founder, Mel Bound, talks to Psychologist, Academic and Psychotherapist Dr. Nilufar Ahmed about the CoVid-19 pandemic and the impact that it has had on women’s mental health.

Dr Ahmed is a lecturer in Social Sciences at the University of Bristol and a leading Covid Expert. She has been commenting on behavioural change and the rise in mental health conditions across the population since the start of the pandemic.

In this really insightful interview, she and Mel talk about the pandemic and the disproportionate impact that it has had on women’s mental and physical health. About the collective trauma that so many women have experienced over the past few years and help us understand why so many of us are feeling the way we are - with some super useful tips of how to combat those feelings.

They also discuss the huge mental health impact the pandemic has had on our children, as well as the links between CoVid-19 recovery and menopause.

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In our recent survey, 62% of women told us that they have suffered from CoVid at least once in the past 2 years. 15% have experienced long covid. The impact that this has had on our bodies and our mental health has been huge; chest pain/tightness, shortness of breath, headaches, problems with concentration, low energy, depression, anxiety, low motivation - as well as a whole host of other symptoms.

In this session, Mel talks to Dr Jo Daniels and Physiotherapist Claire Callaghan about the impact of the CoVid-19 virus and how it is directly impacting our physical and mental health - and what we can do to try and ease us back into physical activity when CoVid sets us back.

Dr Jo Daniels is a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bath. Over the course of the pandemic Dr Daniels' produced research examining the mental health of doctors, the clinically vulnerable and the general public. Prior to the pandemic, she conducted research into how people respond to illness or injury, which is what has made her work so relevant to CoVID-19. 

Claire Callaghan has been a Chartered Physiotherapist for over 25 years. She specialises in Women's Musculo-skeletal health, sport and exercise. Over the last 2 years, she has seen many patients recovering from CoVid, and observed how that has impacted their return to regular and sporting activities. Claire is supporting women in their understanding of how the virus can affect the body over the short and medium term. She is facilitating them in decision making around return to exercise and running and how strengthening gradually, lifestyle and resources can help.

Watch their chat now as they discuss the impact of the CoVid-19 virus on our bodies and our mental health and look at practical ways to help get women back to physical activity after illness.

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The collective trauma that we have all experienced is impacting our everyday lives, in many cases, now more than ever - anxiety, depression, loneliness, guilt, stress, trauma, nervousness, fear - these are all heavily used words in the qualitative research that we have been doing around this campaign. Women are in a flight or fright mode, they are exhausted and have lost that sense of control in their own lives. Everything else is prioritised over themselves Mum’s - as ever - are taking the brunt.


In this session, Mel talks to Jess Woodsford about finding ways to prioritise ourselves after experiencing trauma. They talk about finding self-compassion, transitioning through change, re-discovering joy and practical ways to build some healthy ‘micro’ habits back into our lives.

Jess is a personal leadership coach, trainer and facilitator. In her role as a coach, she loves working with individuals and teams to explore how to make empowered changes in their lives and careers. Jess is the Co-Director of Inclusive Futures CIC, a non-profit community interest company, which provides coaching programmes to supporting underrepresented groups to access and succeed in higher education.


Jess is a mum of two girls, a triathlon enthusiast, and loves to find time at the weekend to (in her words) “run through some woods with her TMR buddies getting covered in mud!” That's her sounds fabulous to us!


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